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Aurora Alchemy

the Goddess Oils

EST. 2005


Aromatherapy has the power to create vibrational states of wellbeing and harmony through the healing power of scent. The most powerful way to absorb the many benefits of essential oils is through our largest organ, the skin. 

Aurora Alchemy elixirs are aromatherapy anointing oils designed to be used liberally on the face and body. They are often worn as natural perfume, with effects lasting several hours. 

Just one breath is enough to receive an energy boost from the high concentration of pure essential oils in our formulas. The scent will uplift and relax you simultaneously. You enter a fragrant space of No Mind. For a moment, you are at Peace. 


These effects can be felt instantaneously - and amplified upon regular use.  

Oils can be used on face and body, or to anoint chakra and pulse points. They are the key to a divine massage, a magical bath ritual or diffused into the air to clear space. Our oils are used as skin oil, hair oil, nail conditioners. Our pure formulations make them suitable for problem or eczema prone skin.

It's easy to integrate the oils into your life. 

Create micro-rituals of anointing that set your intention for the day, help pick up your energy, or kickstart your purpose. 

Begin with a morning anointing meditation. 

Anoint your pulse points and take deep breaths when the day feels like hard work. 

Transform your energy within days with nightly bath rituals and self-healing massages. 

Through the potency of nature's finest oils, discover a new level of multidimensional healing benefit to the mind, body and spirit.

Let the oils guide you into discovering what is within. 


May they enhance your inner vitality and liberate your spirit. 

Anointing oils have a long tradition in history throughout all the great cultures, from China to India to Egypt. They were the first healing medicines as well as spiritual tools for high ceremony. The state of being anointed was the act of being infused by the divine. Indeed, the title Christ means The Anointed One. 


Kings and Queens were crowned after being anointed with a consecration oil, made by the royal alchemist and doctor. In indigenous and Eastern religions traditions, hair was oiled as a sign of honour and respect. Oils symbolised blessings and the spilling of oil in Asia is still considered to be a sign of good luck.

Oil therapies, were once the Hippocratic key to good health and longevity. Their benefits and properties make them indispensable to our daily existence and beauty of living.

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