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Celebration blend of sacred Frankincense & Myrrh, topped with perfumes of Gardenia & Geranium, precious blossoms of Neroli & Rose & lighthearted citruses of Grapefruit, Bergamot & Lime. Mother Mary is a miracle maker & creator of signs from the heavens. 


Using Her blend activates her intercessory powers to shift reality & support dreams that may be far out of reach. Her oil restores hope, as it soothes & comforts even the most agitated states. Apply oil to throat to open loving communication & to soothe troubled waters. This gentle yet supreme benediction energy works miracles on children & animals, especially designed for stress & sleeplessness.

Virgin Mary Unicorn Potion

Artikelnummer: 0011
  • Applications:

    This is the gentlest & most soothing oil in our range. The sweet floral botanicals of this blend induce sleep & lull the senses into instant relaxation. The perpetual succour of sublime scent infuses each moment with extra magic - the intent of this oil’s miraculous formulation. 


    Designed to bring light into any situation & to calm the senses enough to see the light, the Virgin Mary Unicorn Potion takes the notion of miracles seriously. Its message is : Ask & you should receive. 


    The unicorn represents the legend of the christic sacrifice & the existence of miracles. Never feel alone again with this divine blend of comfort. The presence of the guiding hand of Mother Mary & Jesus are with you always.


    This is an oil for beauty as well as a rescue remedy for children, animals & stressed adults. Use on hair & face for its regenerative properties. Stroke onto throat to clear harshness & anger, while gently opening to a new song.

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