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The Story of Aurora Alchemy

 Heal Thyself, Heal the World 

When you first come into contact with an Aurora Alchemy oil, you will notice one of three things. The colour of the bottle. The divine feminine figure illustrated on the label. The name of the elixir. Each of these elements has a key to what Aurora Alchemy is all about. 


Firstly, we are colour alchemists. We are about the aura. We are about healing. We work with colour rays to rebalance the chakras. We are vibrational medicine practitioners working with light, crystal and sound healing, as well as an organic alchemical perfumery that specialises in anointing oils and transformational aromatherapy. We empower through nature, to restore at a physical level, assisting in mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 

Our second pillar is the arm of the World Mother, the feminine force that underpins our range, which features divine feminine figures from all world cultures. Goddess philosophy and wisdom is integral to the creation and development of our brand. In fact, we often say that the Aurora Alchemy brand itself is a distillation of divine feminine wisdom and love, in all her many forms and multiple faces. Our Goddess workshops and sacred journeys are one way to share in traditions and rituals of the Goddess. To use one of our oils is to create a connection and channel to divine feminine energy and support. 


Third, you will notice the name of the oil. This is the energy signature of the blend which powerfully affects your consciousness. Simply by announcing its intention, the oil begins to work its magic. All oils in our range have magical names that serve a higher purpose of gathering the Goddesses into tribes - the 5 special collections within our range. Each collection has a specific energy intention, which produces a desired result by the time you finish the bottles.

Essential oils are miracle tonics with multilayered benefits, and the best way to experience their full effects is to absorb it through the skin, especially if it is applied all over the body. Our oils have been designed to help you achieve the maximum benefit from a complex cocktail of essential oils and base oils, created to soothe, hydrate, heal and make supple all skin types of all ages, particularly sensitive and problem-prone skin. Oils are super healers and may diminish scars, blemishes and lines. They also assist with detoxification, weight loss and skin firming. Each bottle's 100% organic formulation is ideally used within 3 to 6 months, although the high quality of our essential oils ensure a much longer shelf life than commercially purchased oils. 


As anointing oils, our blends are designed to be liberally smeared on the body, coating the skin completely. Not only is this the most efficient way known to absorb essential oils,  it follows the spiritual traditions of anointing as a personal ceremony to honour the body as a temple. Self-love practices such as this can be the key to unlocking greater life force from within.

Because our mantra is Heal Thyself, the concept of self-healing is fundamental to our art. With the right tools and resources, self-healing is not just possible, it may be the essential key to regeneration and physical wellbeing. To learn these tools and techniques, using the elements of alchemy and nature, can make the difference between a life of pleasure or pain. 

If I had a magic wand to wave over the world, it would make people feel better. So much misery is caused in the world because people don't feel good. One can have everything, or nothing, but the feeling creates the experience of life. Thus if someone can achieve a feeling, external things will cease to matter as much. They begin to seek this inner fulfilment and experience the beauty of life from within. When we shift from lower states into higher vibrations, our mental and emotional state become open, thus from an intuitive point of view, much more is possible. 


Aurora Alchemy was created with this intention in mind, to transform states of depression, misery and stagnancy, into moments of transcendence, epiphany, love and opening to the magic of the universe. We have all experienced mood shifts with no apparent cause - and scent is surely known as the one sense which can directly conjure up specific emotions and memories. Smell is currently our least understood sense and we believe it holds the key to the greatest healing potential in the coming times.  

Since 2005, Aurora Alchemy oils have been recognised as a gold standard for pure energy oils with intention. To have been able to reach out to so many people in the world, through word of mouth, has been a dream come true. Never could I have imagined how humble little bottles of oil could travel so far, affect so many people in magical and practical ways, and transform lives. How dramatically they would create vibrational states of resonance that powerfully affect the outer world. 


They can be the difference between a good day and a bad day. Choosing how to feel is now possible. 

Welcome to the world of Aurora Alchemy. Let us take you into states that are beyond your wildest dreams. 

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