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Join Lakshmi for an 8 part workshop and training series on developing wealth and sacred purpose in the New Earth. You will be guided by Lakshmi in this interactive hands-on retreat to develop and consecrate your sacred purpose to launch in 2022. 

This will be a retreat like no other, as we roll up our Goddess sleeves and take action on your ideal vision to be propelled into motion. 


There is very limited space on this course so if you've been hearing Lakshmi's call, and you are ready to jump into your vision, this is the one you have been waiting for! 


8 pre-recorded episodes are accessible upon sign-up, with 3 live sessions for the group to connect and activate together, to ask questions, and to receive live feedback and training. 


All live workshops will be held at 11am NZ time every Monday for the month of December, with a special introduction and opening ceremony on 13-12-21 (Mon). The last session will be on 27 December. 

(New Zealand is 4 hours ahead of most Asian time zones, so this is a 6am start time for Singapore and Malaysia, while in Europe, it is around 11pm at night the day before. It is worth the early rise and late nights to be trained by Lakshmi!)


Workshop 1  

Opening Ceremony with Lakshmi and Channelled Message

Unveiling your Vision

Preparing your Idea


Workshop 2 

Anchoring Lakshmi's 10 Laws of Abundance in your life

Aligning the Laws to your Soul Purpose

Sharing your Idea with the World


Workshop 3 

Business and Work as Soul Expression

Delivering on Your Soul Blueprint 


Workshop 4 

Sustaining Passion in a 3D World

Survival Guide for the New Spiritual Marketplace


Workshop 5 

Digital Magnetics 

Pricing and Scaling in the Technology of the Now


Workshop 6

Impact, Legacy and The Echoing Message of Infinite Expansion

Unfolding your life's work with ever-expanding joy


Workshop 7 

Magical Integration Session 

Entering the The Goddess Marketplace 


Workshop 8

Graduating with your Soul Purpose

Final Steps to Full Power Action 


VIP Members receive 20% off this course. (use code : goldengoddess)

Mothership Members receive 10% off this course. (use code: silvergoddess)

Your discounts will be automatically applied at checkout. 

VESSEL : Abundance Training with Lakshmi

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