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Special collection box of Aurora Alchemy goddess body oils, with 6 bestselling formulas for all-over body worship. These skin nourishing favourites are also excellent detoxifers and body sculpting oils, dedicated to the cause of vanquishing dry, dull, troubled skin. Awakens the love for the physical Self and restores balance and harmony. 


We have specially selected the oils in this collection for their power to move energy swiftly through the body, increasing speed, agility and healing capabilities. A profound transformation of your body takes place. Within a few weeks of regularly using these powerful combinations, you will feel reborn!


Oils in the Body Collection:

Diana Amazon Warrior Potion 

Light My Fire Pele Potion

Instant Happiness Uzume Potion

Fairy Attraction Potion

Green Tara Phoenix Potion

Aphrodite Pleasure Potion


Each bottle comes in a standard 30ml size. 


Our collection is presented in a black box with tissue and secure bubble wrap packing. 

The Body Collection

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