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Join Alchemist Yvette Sitten for 2 hours on Monday 23 August, for a scent immersion into the power of vibrational aromatherapy for healing and wellness. We are in times that demand a new approach to wellbeing.


Essential oils and the miraculous substances of nature have the solution for the most pressing health challenges the collective faces today.


Let us take you on the journey of delightful discovery, of the magical oils with miraculous healing powers, that grow in your own backyard, or can be found easily around you. Begin to learn how to embed these healing vibrations in your home, lifestyle, food and body treatments, and how to use aromatherapy as a health supplement as well as for infusing the home with calm. 


We will cover:

- How do you use an essential oil to maximise its benefits 

- What should you look for when purchasing an oil

- How do you absorb the properties of an essentrial oil safely? 

- What are acceptable ways of ingestion? 

- What forms you can turn an essential oil into to heal your body and your environment


Learn the "Perfect 10" Oil Saviours that will become the new medicine cabinet for your wellness, and how to use the Oil Saviours for a variety of conditions. 



Essential oil wisdom for times of pandemic and lockdown....


How to use oils to armour yourself and face the world smiling....


How to detox and purify environments within seconds....


And what oils work for a range of emergencies that we currently face.


Journey on the Path of the ancient Aromancer, a purveyor of fragrance in all her manifestations. The Aromancer is a magician of scent, an etheric mastermind who transforms vibration into multidimensional forms that work on healing and intoxicating the senses. 


The Aromancer's Art was the healing tradition of the Egyptian priestesses, who guarded this sacred knowledge, and later passed it on to the Greek Myrrhophores for safekeeping. Today the healing priestesses of oils have all but been forgotten, but as the world awakens to the need for this lost knowledge, the priestesses of sacred oils are remembering their lineage. The sacred tradition of oils and anointing is waking up again. 


Cleopatra was a famous Aromancer of Egypt, whose scent was said to make any man fall in love with her at first sight. Learn more about these Intoxication Scents, smells that create euphoria and rapture and physical desire. With the help of the "Bliss Oils", happiness is no longer elusive or exclusive. 


This aromatherapeutic technology became the first forms of medicine in Ancient Egypt, and all our medical knowledge of healing since then stems from this source. By tapping into the rich well of historical evidence from the Egyptians, as well as eastern healing systems, we have the longest and most solid record of healing properties of natural substances that have healed and helped humanity for millenia. 


Today as we face untested medical solutions and unknown dangers, there is more of a pressing need than ever to return to what we know, and what has shown itself to be reliable through the test of time. 


We will also have a Q& A on what oils work to combat superbugs and what you may need on a personal level. Time is limited so the Q&A will be limited to 1-2 questions per person. 


Finally, this is an INTRODUCTORY workshop on the expansive world of essential oils and aromatherapy healing. We will only be able to provide a snapshot and entry map into this diverse world of alchemical plant medicines. There is a wealth of wisdom to cover during this specialist knowledge course.


This workshop is not intended as an alternative to medical treatment or advice. It has been created to supplement and support wellbeing in a non-invasive and gentle manner. 


Please ensure you have pen and paper available. Recordings will be provided after the session. 






530PM - 730PM NZ (GMT+12)



The Aromancer

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