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A 5 part energy symbols workshop, working with the Symbols of Isis. 


You will receive 10 symbols which act like keys of consciousness and be initiated into each symbol, how to work with it and receive it fully into your body. 


During each 90 min session, you will receive 2 symbols and be instructed on how to work with it as an energy symbol, both etherically and within the temples of Egypt. You will obtain special codes of how to work with each symbol through the guidance of Goddess Isis. 


You will also be guided to draw each symbol and to embody it. Goddess Isis will take you through a henna ritual during each session to imprint each symbol which will then be with you during the week. 


Each symbol comes with an accompanying artwork which you can use to adorn your altar or healing space. You will be meditating daily with your symbols of the week and working with them energetically every day. 


During this course, you will gain:

- a deeper connection to Goddess Isis 

- working with the Blue Ray of Energy Healing sacred to Isis and her Blue Lotus Priestesses

- deeper understanding of Egyptian symbols and rituals

- intimate insights into the Egyptian temples and their energy codes

- beautiful artwork to align your energy field

- daily meditation rituals

- opening to the Galactic Mysteries of Sirius


Date: 12/3/2023 (Sunday), thereafter every Sunday until 9 April 2023

Time: 730pm - 9pm NZ 


Symbols of Isis

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