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Stargate Perfume is a reunion with one’s true essence. In one breath, you will be transported on the wings of light to distant planets. Stargate's spiralling perfumes are extracted from the world's most exotic and prized natural substances. They create a deep woody floral so unique and full bodied that strangers stop and turn in rapture, wanting to know the source of this scent concoction. 


Indulge in our honouring of Bulgarian Rose, the world’s most sought after flower, steeped and harnessed to perfection along with rare Arabian perfumes of Red Amber, pure White Sandalwood, royal Saffron, magical Silver flower and a touch of commanding King Oud. This unbelievable sensory encounter has had users the world over begging for more. 


This perfume contains the world’s most prized and expensive oils. No expense has been spared to bring together the “Oils of Gold”. We have developed this oil after years of studying and working with Arabian perfume oils and their metaphysical effects. Using the perfume oils to amplify effects of meditation, on the upper chakra points and especially the third eye, can transform the meditation practice into a visionary experience. 

Star Gate Perfume Oil

Artikelnummer: 0021
  • Applications:


    Apply Stargate as a perfume very sparingly.


    Just one dab on each wrist will last you through the day.


    Take care not to oversaturate the senses by applying this oil on more than one or at most two areas of the body. 


    This perfume oil ages beautifully, like a fine wine, and will last you for many years to come. 

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