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Warming Ginger & Citronella, stimulating Orange & Juniper, exquisite Frankincense, Myrrh & Rose...our most powerful blend creates the seismic shift needed to shake you up, wake you up, or otherwise create a revolution of the highest order! Hawaiian Goddess Pele stirs up wild passions, volcanic change & hyperbolic manifestations when she appears.


Using just a few drops of this oil on pulse points is transformative. It chases away stagnancy, inertia & lethargy, providing the get-up-and-go needed to achieve great things. With consistent application, breakthroughs & manifestations unfold at light speed. The Goddess of Fire & Lava can be intense, so use sparingly!  

Light My Fire Pele Potion

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    Light My Fire is the ultimate oil of activation & empowerment!


    Use sparingly on pulse points to bring on the action. For those in need of a desperate shift, this oil can be applied to chakras to assist in acceleration. This fire oil is so hot, its been known to bring on mild heart palpitations! 


    Users report results within 3-4 days of working with this oil. If acceleration occurs & new opportunities become too intense, stop using oil for a few days to let energies settle & integrate. This ensures the pace is slowed down so as to allow for the new self to emerge without becoming exhausted. 


    Users often write to tell us how their bottles “talk” to them. Keep yours next to your bed & see if you hear anything! 

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