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Our Holy Grail of oils. 


To sip of the delectable nectar of the Gods was the inspiration behind this perfume….a scent that would transport one instantly to a heavenly state and bring about a sense of heaven on earth. 


Be enraptured by Light City from the very first breath, for this is a perfume oil that sends spirits skyrocketing into bliss.


This startling and uplifting ruby red perfume seduces with our prized blend of Red and Black Saffron, Rose Arabica and rare Red Amber. An unexpected air bath of rich roses, sweetened by honeyed notes of saffron, descends eventually into a beautiful earthy embrace with deep amber sensuality. 


This is a scent not of this world. Beyond words, shared in reverent silence, this is one perfume that lingers forever once it is experienced.


Light City Perfume Oil

Artikelnummer: 0019
  • Applications:

    Apply one drop sparingly to inside of wrists, rub wrists together to activate the perfume. 

    This oil is potent enough to last all day. Reapply only if scent has been completely absorbed into skin. 

    This oil has an unlimited shelf life and will age like a fine wine. 

    Light City was harvested and created in alignment with the crop circle energies of 2012/2013, as the shift into the new cycle took place, from the end of the Mayan calendrical cycle. It can be used in meditation to access and harness the new earth programmes and light codes, as well as a healing tool to anchor these energies directly into the body. 

    If you are able to hold the frequency of light within the oil, you may find that the oil begins to disappear rapidly into the skin, and absorption will dramatically increase. If this happens, we advise application as often as you feel, in order to best integrate the cosmic energies wishing to work with you. 





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