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Fresh Peppermint & Pine uplift the floral depths of Jasmine Absolute, in this purifying blend of richness & magnificence. Such is the prosperity & generosity that flows endlessly from Lakshmi, Goddess of Fortune & Universal Giver.  


Lakshmi’s oil recharges the aura with golden energy of financial blessings and lucky windfalls. Daily use opens the flow of resources, generosity, sharing & friendship. Massage on solar plexus to release blocks to infinite supply. A drop of oil added to milk offered to Lakshmi as a daily offering will open her floodgates. Use as a tonic for depression & pessimism. Experience Lakshmi’s bounty...awaken the treasure within!

Lakshmi Abundance Potion

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    Lakshmi is a miracle oil with properties that shift alertness & perception, making the entrance of abundance & unlimitedness possible.


    Our users have reported these events after using Lakshmi : lottery wins, house sales, free gifts, visits from long-lost friends, free taxi rides, winning at raffles, evidence of the Goddess Lakshmi’s hand in their lives, increased mental alertness, new bountiful opportunities, new jobs and even new careers....this Goddess is a universal giver!


    Using Her oil to awaken the senses can be a morning ritual to bring the abundance you need into your day. Ask for what is needed & be assured that an outcome will manifest by the end of the day. Allow the perfumed hands of Lady Luck to open new doorways yet unseen.

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