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The breezy citruses of Bergamot, Lime & Grapefruit enliven this traditional blend of Egyptian Rose, Lavender & Rosewood - the signature scent of the Goddess Isis. The Queen of Egypt is the almighty Mother of the Universe, who shields with her all-seeing Eye of Protection. 


This oil initiates you as the “Dove of Peace”, Isis’ messenger of light who is always held in the winged embrace of Mother Destiny. Wearing this oil daily supports your flight into a new chapter of life. Depression & trauma are left behind forever as you take the great leap of faith into the New You. Let Isis open the doorways to “Beyond Your Wildest Dreams”!

Joyful Surrender Isis Potion

Artikelnummer: 0007
  • Applications:

    Joyful Surrender is a bliss potion brimming with antidepressant properties. Its uplifting, high vibrational energy make it the ideal replacement when giving up addictions & old habits. It is especially effective when giving up alcohol! 


    This oil has proven highly effective when used as a body treatment (daily full body application) in beating the blues, throwing off depression & fear-based lethargy & conditioned responses to life that lead to limits & lack.


    Joyful Surrender is the companion oil to Queen of the Night. When used in combination, as a daytime accompaniment, greater sources of power & energy are released for one’s use. Feel the gentle support of the wings of Isis lift you higher than you have ever been before!

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