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Sweet inspirational notes of Neroli, Orange & Bergamot join the harmonious medley of Myrrh & nourishing Vanilla for a blend that comforts like no other. The divine dancer Uzume No Mikoto heals via lightness, sacred song & dance. 


This oil wraps around you like a golden blanket that heals all ills. Instant Happiness goes to work by repairing rips in the aura & restoring strength. Use on soles of feet to detox & calm unruly energies. It heals obsessions, addictions & dysfunctions within the self & environment. It can be sprinkled around workplaces & sick buildings to lighten spaces up. Regular use heals gossip, criticism & overwork. For both night & day use.

Instant Happiness Uzume Potion

Artikelnummer: 0008
  • Applications:

    Instant Happiness is a space clearing essence & overall auric healer. It alleviates symtoms of hangover, over-indulgence & all displays of excessive overload. 


    It is the best balancer in our range. Golden particles of delicious vanilla absolute & magical myrrh complete a recipe of breezy citruses & healing woods. Included in each blend is a fragment of sacred bark gifted at the Meiji Shrine of the Empress in Tokyo, Japan. The immeasurable power of this ancient portal is concealed within the legends of the original female Kings of Japan. 


    To be empowered by Instant Happiness is a choice & a lifestyle. Simply keep the bottle by you wherever you go & allow it to assist you in transforming even the most negative things you see each day. Dab the oil onto wrists at regular intervals to receive a boost of happiness & healthy upliftment. 


    Apply onto soles of feet to receive the energy of the oil into every cell of the body within 21 minutes. This is the swiftest known method of application known to us. See for yourself what this anointing ritual can do for you!

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