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Green power of natural magic rises with this forest-like concoction of heady Vetiver, deep bass notes of Cedarwood, enlivening Clary Sage & bold Geranium & Juniper. The Faerie Queen, Goddess Danu, grants you the power of the rainbow bridge, to connect to all realms through dance & play.


Command nature with this elemental alchemy of flowers, trees & herbs. With just a few drops, enter a Fairyland of creativity & healing power, assisted by nature spirits. Be infused by all the colours of the rainbow! Use this oil when walking in nature or learning new things, to bring magic & wonder to children, as well as to awaken the wild Dance of Danu within your soul.    

Fairy Attraction Danu Potion

Artikelnummer: 0013
  • Applications:

    The Fairy Oil is our nature healer & is best suited to restore & regenerate life force. It is useful for all losses of energy & motivation, resulting in a lack of creativity & abundance. Employ this oil when life seems too hard to shoulder & feel all your cares & weary feelings melt away. Receive magical assistance willingly as friendly support soon appears after this oil calls in the fairies!


    Oils of Juniper & Vetiver open portals into fairyland, the hidden dimension of magic that is always present everywhere. Surreal creative experiences & a kaleidoscope of colourful people & events present themselves to eyes that are able to see their magic. Genius ideas & natural abilities blossom under the Garden of Eden that resides in this bottle.


    Rub 3 drops of oils between palms to activate the oil, breathing in deeply & slowly several times. Continue to rub hands & breathe in the oils until the fragrance is completely released. This Rainbow Bridge Breath transports you into the power of the celestial 7 rays & changes the aura’s frequencies rapidly. 


    Psychics sees a golden shimmer in the aura after this oil is anointed. This is the oil we recommend each child should have their own bottle of. It assists with the safe development of intuitive abilities in children. 

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