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EGYPT Zoom Homeschool

Join Isis Teng and Aurora Alchemy for 4 weeks into the Heart of Egypt.


Isis and Yvette will share how Egypt has been the foundation of our homeschool practice and how to use the ancient cultures as the starting point for all your investigations of world knowledge. 


Isis will also share the vision of her online homeschool, Monarch Kids, and how it can help improve your learning adventures. 


Every Saturday in Feb, join us for the magic of Egypt.


Week 1: Sat, Feb 5, 5-2-2022

Egyptian Unit Studies, Chart Making and Choosing your Area of Study


Week 2: Sat, Feb 12, 12-2-2022

Creation Stories of Egypt


Week 3: Sat, Feb 19, 19-2-2022

Hieroglyphs, Reading and Writing in Ancient Symbols


Week 4: Sat, Feb 26, 26-2-2022

Queens and Goddesses of Egypt : The Divine Feminine


Session Times:

5-6pm NZ (GMT+13)

EGYPT Zoom Homeschool

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