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Egypt Goddess Retreat 2022

The Goddesses of Egypt : Isis, Sekhmet, Bast and Hathor call you to presence during this moment of activating the Golden Age.....the activation of your Goddess DNA is here to receive. 


Return home to the sacred Goddess temples of Egypt where your soul power is waiting for you. 


Our Egypt Retreat begins on 20th October - 12 November, on one of the most comprehensive routes of the temple trails of the legendary Grail Mystery Schools of Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and Isis. The ancient Goddess power of the earth was situated along this route, according to the star trails laid down by the Grail Sisterhood of the Stars. 


On this journey, the secrets of the Holy Grail open through the sanctuaries of the Divine Feminine. Learn about the sacred flame of Hathor at her Dendara palace where the light of the Grail is emanating from, as we lead you into the ultimate journey of feminine rebirth. Be connected to the ancient priestesshood of light from the stars through the discovery of your special place in the universe. 


This is an Akashic legacy journey into the portals of the Mystery Schools of Sirius, where the codes of the Goddess have been held in secret for eons. As the Sirian energies are now downloaded and anchored along the holy trail again, you will re-enter the star temples of your soul's origin, guided by the Sirians, Pleaidians and Lyran emissaries of light. 


The sacred path of anointing comes from the Pleiades and is brought to us by the Sirians, the Anointed Ones. Using scent, oil anointing, colour, sound and energy transmissions, each Aurora ceremony in the Egyptian temples unlocks the codes and keys within the space, creating unforgettable activations and calling forth energies that have to be experienced to be believed. 


This is a journey the soul will be irrevocably transformed by. Enter the Galactic Mystery School of the Goddess Isis and be initiated into the service of the High Priestesses of the Order of the Blue Lotus. 



Cairo - Sphinx and the Pyramids Private Ceremonies

Aswan - Ancient Site of Isis Mother Temple

Abu Simbel - Osiris Ceremony on 22nd October 

Nile Cruise Journey - River Temples of Isis

Luxor - Valley of the Kings & Temple of the Queens

Dendara - Temple of Hathor 

Abydos - Temple of Osiris

Siwa Oasis - Shrines of Cleopatra and the Goddess oracles


Explore the Goddess Temples and be present in spirit during this Shift of the Ages. 


This 23 Day Journey is the opening into the New Earth Template! 


Expand into your majesty during this metamorphosis into light! 


Cost includes:

Accomodation (4 and 5 star)

Nile Cruise (5 star)

Food (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

Tips & Temple Fees

Private Ceremonies at the Sphinx and Great Pyramid 

Transport including internal flights 

Workshops and healing circles with Yvette

Oils for anointing the land


Does not include:

Flights to Egypt

Tips for main guide

Spa treatments & massages 

Personal healing sessions with Yvette



Egypt Goddess Retreat 2022

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