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The final 2 essences are Twin Flame essences. They merge the polarities to create a sense of oneness, unity and true love. 


7. The Dance of the Twin Flames : Surrender, Co-Creation with God, Complete Trust


This essence captures the most powerful gifts and quality of the Monarch: the power to embrace the spirit of unconditional love. This is the expression of unconditional love on a soul level not marred by the needs and desires that are part of our natural physical existence. The reminder of a state of perfect union of a perfect balance between the female and male aspects within one’s being. This state can only be experienced within oneself. All relationships are merely a mirror of our own internal state of being. 


Dance of the Twin flames reminds us to look inside for happiness, to let go and not rely on the needs for a relationship to experience happiness. A beautiful essence to put relationship issues in perspective and give us our individual state of freedom back.


Dance of the Twin Flames is an essence of true empowerment that captures the essence of the beautiful Monarch to enjoy life, to live each moment in the fullness of the experience of our own state of unity, not relying on anything external but on ourselves as the key to true fulfillment in our relationships.


This essence was made during the dance of love between 2 butterflies which lasted 4 hours. The mating dance of the butterflies has long been linked in legend to lovers who follow each other through lifetime after lifetime in an unbreakable tryst. 


Contains vibrational properties of waters made during the butterfly dance, sunlight, precious metals (copper, silver & gold), luminesence, pure filtered water, organic brandy. 


About the Essences:

Aurora Alchemy has developed the world’s first ever range of essences based on the healing properties, transformational stages and vibrational energy of the Monarch butterfly. 


Through the process of solar alchemy, the purified water in each 30ml bottle contain vibrational qualities of gemstones, oils, flowers and precious metals, in 10% organic alcohol.

Drops are to be taken under the tongue 3-5 times a day until the bottle finishes.


Aurora essences hold the high frequency golden light of the monarch butterflies, the embodiment of the Christ codes of unconditional love and ascended consciousness. The butterfly energies within these remedies are a co-creation with the monarch butterfly realm, who have assisted in the creation of this powerful range of healing waters. 


Butterfly essences work for all conditions, especially healing of physical traumas and inner child issues. They can assist with cellular removal of poisons and parasites, and all forms of imbalance. If there has been exposure to pollution and environmental toxins, the essences help build a shield. Most of all, the essences work on the heart, opening it to transformation. 


Through the ages, the butterfly has been linked to rebirth and resurrection, enlightenment and the soul’s journey through consciousness. The ancients beieved the butterfly represented the ultimate spiritual destiny of man - to become the butterfly was the symbol of the soul’s freedom into the realm of enlightenment. 


The Monarch is the king of the butterfly species, and is a symbol of oneness because, as the world’s furthest migrating species, it has travelled to all parts of the earth. This powerful world connector has important messages to share with us all at this time of planetary transformation. 


Dance of the Twin Flames Butterfly Essence

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