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5 oils used since the times of ancient Egypt...Frankincense, Myrrh, Immortelle, Rose & Blue Lotus create a blend beyond time & space, into the domain of the cosmic dreamer, Shiva. Our oil for the Sacred Masculine honours & rebirths the heart while transmuting all poisons. 


This oil is designed to assist the masculine consciousness into opening to the unknown. It is a preparation for Twin Flame energy by harmoniously balancing the masculine & feminine within. Obsessions & addictions are healed through daily use. Massage into heart area to lift heaviness buried deep within. Rigidity is banished so the whirling, spinning cosmic dance of Shiva & Shakti can take place. Activate love through Shiva’s pathways of cosmic bliss!

Beloved Shiva Potion

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    Beloved has quickly become one of the more sought after oils in the range, despite not being available to the wider public until this year. This oil honours the Sacred Masculine & was created in gratitude to heal the masculine principle.


    The blend of 5 ancient oils is a testament to the simplicity and purity of this sweet & calming blend of heighteners & uplifters….oils of the essence of Lord Shiva. Much work is put into sourcing the ingredients that are added to this blend, for Shiva demands nothing less than climactic perfection. 


    Go deep into meditation after anointing 3rd eye and breathing in the oil through cupped hands. Remember to rub hans together to release the essential oil properties. Note how the scent changes & graduates as it matures. Surrender to the journey of scent. 


    Applying Beloved to the throat chakra helps heal old wounds & afflictions, assisting one to speak one’s truth. It releases the effect of poisonous words & statements made by the self or by others towards you. 


    Try blending Shiva & Aphrodite Oils to activate & balance masculine & feminine polarities. Combining their frequencies frees you into a new experience of unbridled liberated heart-opening. 


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