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Sensual, aromatic & intense, musky Ylang Ylang flirts with happiness-inducing Jasmine & earthy Patchouli to awaken romance & pleasure. The Goddess Aphrodite unveils greater self-love, appreciation & honouring of the divine lover, within and from others.


This oil allows beauty from deep within the heart to unfold. It is a resurrection tonic for flagging spirits worn out by daily cares. Aphrodite restores inner & outer beauty, relights passion & encourages enjoyment of life’s true pleasures! For sensual power and sensory liberation, use as couples oil for massage. Apply on front and back of chest to open the heart. Let Aphrodite’s dance of love begin!   

Aphrodite Pleasure Potion

Artikelnummer: 0002
  • Applications:

    This is the beauty tonic & soul restorer of the range. Breathing in Aphrodite is like taking a breath of pure pleasure, a reminder of the simplest luxuries hidden in the everyday. A homecoming to the self. 


    Busy multi-taskers, harassed mothers and those who do more giving than receiving most benefit from taking time out to lavish in the gift of Aphrodite. The rich detoxifying oils reshape not just the body, but the perception of beauty, enabling a more loving view of oneself & others.


    Use Aphrodite as a face & body oil to transform negative perceptions. A weekly facial massage using a few drops of Aphrodite helps firm & tone skin, with anti-aging benefits. 


    Couples may enjoy 2 dropperfuls (20 drops) of Aphrodite included into a warm coconut oil massage, as a tonic to restore pleasure & romance. Sensuous awakening is a guarantee.  


    Aphrodite enhances pleasure, romance, radiance & magnetic attraction.

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