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The Yellow Ray represents sunshine, cheerfulness, golden times & effervescent optimism. 


Working with the Yellow Ray is sure to bring a smile with its unlimited good cheer, lifting heavy expectations & replacing them with a sense of lightness & freedom. The ray of liberation from darkness & density. 


Yellow represents the intellect, mental prowess and the will. 

Wearing Yellow and working with the Ray assists in : 

Manifesting Material Needs

Positive Visualizations and Mindset

Renewing Hope 

Releasing Financial Blocks

Cleansing Fear

Yellow is an effective Ray to work with the balance ego issues. These are a few of the conditions created by the Ego-Mind that benefit from Yellow Ray balancing:


Overcritical Attitudes needing adjustment


Poverty mindset

Egotistical Behaviour


Anxiety and Panic Attacks 

Overcoming Judgement and Expectations

The Hindu Goddess Lakshmi is the Universal Giver and Mother of Planetary Treasures.


Lakshmi gives us the power of abundance in appreciation of your own inner wealth. The spiritual purpose of riches is to reflect in the outer realm what is already within. Lakshmi goes to work first on your inner feelings of wellbeing, confidence and material security, triggering a reflection in the outer world in the form of material rewards or bonuses. Because of her immense power and status on the earth plane. Lakshmi energies can work very quickly producing shifts within a few minutes to within the day. 


The finite power of material abundance illustrates the wisdom of acquiring more lasting forms of riches and wealth. To fully appreciate the energy of abundance, once must cultivate the inner sun, the light within and to allow the warmth of that soul essence to overflow into the world, offering light, generosity and abundance to all. This is the true foundation of the divine eagle, the avatar who has found their soul purpose who is here to do what she or he is meant to do, who is shining brightly. 


Lakshmi’s sense of wellbeing and presence in your auric field guarantees you will be guided that you will be supported by the Universe and you will begin to develop your trust and confidence that you are being looked after, you will be looked after and that the Universe is always watching. The Great Mother of Abundance loves you, and wants to awaken you to the understanding that the Universe has all you need, is ever provident, and is always ready to flow its infinite blessings to you. And that all you need to do is to be still to receive.

Lakshmi works with the SOLAR PLEXUS, which governs identity, ego, self-worth, abundance, the great I AM. Using Lakshmi balances the solar plexus chakra, healing judgement & inner criticism through a renewed sense of cheer & unlimitedness.





LAKSHMI ABUNDANCE MEDITATIONBy Aurora/ Voice: Yvette Sitten/ Music: Izumi Watanabe


Fresh Peppermint & Pine uplift the floral depths of Jasmine Absolute, in this purifying blend of richness & magnificence. Such is the prosperity & generosity that flows endlessly from Lakshmi, Goddess of Fortune.  


Lakshmi’s oil recharges the aura with golden energy of financial blessings and lucky windfalls. Daily use opens the flow of resources, generosity, sharing & friendship.



Massage on solar plexus to release blocks to infinite supply.

A drop of oil added to milk offered to Lakshmi as a daily offering will open her floodgates.

Use as a tonic for depression & pessimism. 

Lakshmi is a miracle oil with properties that shift alertness & perception, making the entrance of abundance & unlimitedness possible.


Our users have reported these events after using Lakshmi : lottery wins, house sales, free gifts, visits from long-lost friends, free taxi rides, winning at raffles, evidence of the Goddess Lakshmi’s hand in their lives, increased mental alertness, new bountiful opportunities, new jobs and new careers!




Using Her oil to awaken the senses can be a morning ritual to bring flowing prosperity into your day. Create a sacred space for Lakshmi's presence on your altar or in your bedroom.  An offering bowl filled with yellow fruit or flowers, some incense, milk and honey..... these are gifts that please the Goddess. Give thanks for the many gifts in your life, as a daily practise, and watch how the "attitude of gratitude" unlocks Lakshmi's greatest blessings. 


Master Giver

Creatrix of the Yellow Ray

Divine Abundance Consciousness

The third chakra is called Manipura, which means lustrous gem and is the centre of strength and balance, both physical and emotionally.  It is where your will, power and assertiveness originate. Celebrate Yellow by honouring Lakshmi with all things glowing bright, especially children.


The colour of the Manipura Chakra is yellow, with the corresponding element Fire, therefore it is also known as the Fire or Sun Centre. The fire element manifests in the body as heat in the Solar Plexus. 

Scarcity, lack & poverty issues are cleansed when this chakra is in balance. 

Working with the solar plexus opens the ability to receive as well as to give.


A positive outlook & image are broadcasted to the world when the solar plexus, the “inner sun”, is radiating. A strong self-image, personal power & a radiant disposition are the results of a strong solar plexus. 


Rub 3 drops of Lakshmi clockwise on solar plexus to activate this chakra. Continue massaging until the oil is completely absorbed. Breathing in this oil while working with the solar plexus in meditation is the best practice to keep this chakra in a high vibrational state. 

Sunny yellow foods really help to clear and balance this chakra, especially yellow peppers. You can also try corn, yellow lentils,yellow curry and bananas. Since this chakra converts energy, it needs foods that are not absorbed too quickly so avoid sugar, white flour and processed foods. 

The lemon, is a species of small evergreen tree in the flowering plant family Rutaceae, native to Asia. There is not much this amazing little fruit can't do.  


It improves concentration, aids in digestion and eases symptoms of acne and arthritis, it also is a multifaceted essential oil. It helps with everything from skin irritation to digestion to circulation problems.


It is a natural immunity booster helps to alleviate headaches and fever, and is a quick mood enhancer.

living life like its golden.....with the yellow ray

Crystal Oracle

Your crystal of the day is Citrine

A gift is on its way, and it is something you have desired for a long time. Make space now for the new and allow for cleansing and releasing of attachments and the past. New things can only occur when there is space to grow. 

A burst of newfound vitality should be directed towards self growth and development. Citrine's gift to you today is the knowledge that you are deserving.



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