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Goddess Power: Working with Aurora Alchemy's feminine archetypes. 

Not all of us get to grow up with mentors or strong role models and even through adulthood we continue to look for inspirational figures. This is when we can consider working with Archetypes. Present in every world culture and belief system, Archetypes are different themes and patterns within our collective consciousness. This is best embodied in our shared ideas of the divine forces of creation and nature, the Gods and the Goddesses.

Whether your reference is Greek mythology, Hinduism or the philosophical teachings of Plato and Carl Jung, all confirm the benefits of recognising these primordial patterns as not just deities to be worshipped, but divine attributes that also exist within us; qualities for us to unfold and manifest. 

You can read about the different archetypes, meditate on the qualities each represent or even wear them in the form of blended essential oils. Made in New Zealand, Aurora Alchemy has created 17 archetypal body blends so that you can embody and express these energies in your daily life and inner rituals. Sourced from the most rare and precious essential oils and blended by hand, we’re reminded of nature’s most universal archetype – the World Mother, the giver of life, the healer and the nurturer. 

Each bottle of Aurora Alchemy features an image of the World Goddesses, linked to their various elements and symbols. You can wear them all over your body. Some popular choices are:

Aphrodite – the Goddess of Love, helps you to work on self-love, opening your heart and inviting more passion into your life. As with all the oils you can wear them all over your body but for this oil, you should especially apply it over your heart centre.

Kuan Yin – As the Goddess of Peace, works on protection, forgiveness and letting go. Good for sleeplessness too and parent child bonding. You can apply this on your heart and the back of the head and neck (the 4th eye).

Lakshmi – Is the Goddess of Abundance, who can be called upon through daily ceremony to welcome limitless flow, generosity and the opening up to resources that money cannot buy.

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