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Aurora Alchemy Faciliator Workshops are beginning!


Train with a complete system of rainbow frequencies and specialise in the ancient knowledge of colour vibrational alchemy.


Work with the divine feminine pantheon of Goddesses and learn to invoke them to activate your sacred feminine gifts.


High vibrational intuitive healing modalities of crystals, oils, colour rays, sound mantras, sacred geometry, working with divine archetypes in the new 5th dimensional energy fields.


During this workshop:

Learn about the 17 goddess oils of the Rainbow Aurora range

Activate your chakra systems with the colour ray therapies

Discover how to use Aurora Alchemy to empower your healing space and work

Using the oils to create healing grids 

Using the oils for specific conditions

Deeper initiations and meditations to take you further into Goddess energy

Aurora Faciliators will tap in to a wealth of wisdom and information of the Sacred Feminine. 


Aurora Facilitators will train as alchemists working with oils, sound, colour, light and all forms of wellbeing.


Working with alchemy and the Aurora Rainbow system, we work with all layers of the auric and crystal light body to achieve inner and outer radiance of body, mind and spirit. 

Facilitators can expect to: 

learn about creating oil tasting/sampling sessions and opening your space for Goddess events and parties 

Discover the complete Aurora range, the perfume oils, the Monarch Essences (butterfly waters), vibrational clothing and more. 

Be initiated into the energy of Egyptian Alchemy and the Priestess lineage of Isis. 


Receive special rates on Aurora oils as a facilitator lightworker, including a personalised discount code.

Meditations and ongoing healing support provided. 


workshop details

Training occurs through live and online workshops.

Our next trainings in Auckland will be November and December 2018. 


17 & 18: 11am - 430pm


8 & 9: 11am - 430pm

Location : The Aurora Alchemy Lab, North Shore

Cost: $380


Trainings will be available in  Asia, Europe, Hawaii and the UK in 2019.

An annual Academy course takes place in Egypt.

In 2019, this  course takes place in September 2019, from 9 to 29 September. 


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